The infrastructure support in the south coast project are Nova Suai, Nova Betano and Nova Beaço including Suai airport and the highway which will be linked these three clusters from Suai to Beaço.

Nova Suai
The new town will support the development of the Supply Base activities. Nova Suai will include business centres, several multi-family residences and employee dormitories in 213 ha of land. It will also accommodate the general population, and it may also house up Supply Base staff, contractors, support companies and visitors.

Nova Betano
Development of the refinery will be supported by the construction of a new town, Nova Betano, which will house up to 14,500 staff, contractors, and their families, covering an area of approximately 1,065 ha and located about 7 km northwest of the refinery and petrochemical complex. The town area will include schools, hotels, a commercial area, recreation facilities, and ancillaries such as water, waste, sewage, and power plants.

Nova Beaço
The urban development of Nova Beaço and Nova Viqueque is intended for the resettlement of the local community. This condition will be accommodated with the traditional form of house but with modern material and sanitations. Master plan and urban design are completed.

Suai Airport
The “Commander-in-Chief of FALINTIL Kay Rala Xanana GusmaÞo International Airport” located in Suai, Covalima municipality, 202km away from the capital, Dili and 15km from Suai town. It operates regular domestic and charter flights operated by ZEEMS and MAF, and an international flight from Darwin, Australia, operated by Northern Oil & Gas Australia (NOGA).

The existing Suai Airport has been upgraded to 1.5 km long runway and new terminal building with facility for customer and immigration, fire station and helipad with medevac air ambulance facility. The Airport project is based on International Civil Aviation organization standard and the redevelopment has the main purposes of allowing safe operations of light aircraft and helicopter to support petroleum activities and supply base operations, those benefiting the company working on Oil and Gas platforms.


The Highway project from Suai to Beaço with total distance of 155.679 Km split to the four sections:

1) Suai – Fatukahu /Mola - 30.4 km

2) Fatukahu/Mola – Betano - 34.3 km

3) Betano – Clacuc - 34.5 km

4) Claucuc – Beaço – 52.6 km

The construction supervision and monitoring of the Highway project are entrusted to the Project Management Unit composed of representatives of the Ministry of Petroleum and Minerals (through TIMOR GAP) and Ministry of Public Works. Phase I of Highway corresponds to Section 1 connecting Suai to Fatukahu/Mola, a 30.4km corridor inaugurated and open for traffic in 2018. Whilst Phase II of Highway section 2 is currently in the procurement process for the provision of consultancy services.


TIMOR GAP E.P., the National Oil Company of Timor-Leste, is seeking an experienced consultant to assist the Project Team in the supervision of Feasibility Study and FEED for a Petroleum Import Terminal (PIT). The role will be based in Dili, Timor-Leste,     read more...

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TIMOR GAP, E.P, through Procurement Department would like to announce the public tender as follow; No IFB No. IFB Title Closing Date 1 TG-TMP-IFB-022-004 Construction of TIMOR GAP Infrastructure Operational Base in Suai Date: 20 June 2022 Time: 16:00 PM    read more...

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Timor-Leste’s vision for the future, initially laid out in the 2011−30 Strategic Development Plan, is slowly taking form as the country’s infrastructure is rebuilt and new opportunities for private investment emerge. View    read more...

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